Brighton is known for its vibrant nightlife and adult entertainment scene, including strip clubs. These clubs have been part of the city’s entertainment industry for decades and are still popular today.

Brighton strip clubs are private members clubs, which means that only members are allowed to enter and enjoy the services on offer. Membership is usually open to anyone over the age of 18 and there are no restrictions on gender or ethnicity. To become a member, individuals must complete an application form and provide proof of identity and age.

Once a member, they have access to the club and its various services. These services include strip shows, lap dances and other forms of adult entertainment. Strip shows usually consist of a group of dancers performing on stage, while lap dances are a more intimate form of entertainment where one dancer performs a private dance for a single customer. Other services may include VIP rooms, private events and special promotions.

Brighton Gentlemens Club

Despite the popularity of Brighton’s strip clubs, the industry has faced criticism and regulation in recent years. In 2017, Brighton became the first city in the UK to ban strip clubs from operating on the seafront. The decision was made in response to concerns about the impact of the clubs on the local community. However, the ban was later lifted in 2020 due to legal challenges and the economic impact on the clubs and their employees. Supporters of Brighton’s strip clubs argue that they provide a legitimate form of adult entertainment and are an important part of the city’s nightlife.

The regulation of Brighton’s strip clubs is also a contentious issue. The clubs are subject to local and national laws and regulations, including those relating to health and safety, licensing and criminal activity. However, some argue that these regulations are too restrictive and limit the clubs’ ability to operate and provide entertainment for their members. Despite the controversy surrounding strip clubs in Brighton, they remain a very popular form of adult entertainment for both men and women.

Grace of Brighton

Grace of Brighton, one of the best gentlemen’s clubs in Sussex, has some of the hottest dancers in Brighton, so be sure to visit if you’re in town. They offer a VIP area with waitress service in a stylish and relaxed club that hosts only the most beautiful lap dancers and striptease artists the UK has to offer.

From private stripteases in rooms designed for steamy and invigorating sessions, to stunning pole dancing shows and even entertaining conversation for the customer who just wants to talk about something other than work, they’ve got you covered.

Their range of services, coupled with one of the most stylish and modern nightclubs in Brighton, makes for a unique experience that will have you wanting to come back for more.

51-52 North Street,

Grace of Brighton

Platinum Lace

Platinum Lace Strip Club in Brighton prides itself on being part of the latest generation of gentlemen’s clubs & lap dancing venues with adult lifestyle entertainment and a venue that is a hybrid of club culture and sensual entertainment for both men and women.

The club is located between The Lanes & Brighton Pier at 76 East Street. A relaxed and stylish nightclub featuring only the most beautiful lap dancers and striptease artists the UK has to offer.

Platinum Lace strip clubs across the UK host DJs and events throughout the week and have hosted many celebrities. Other locations include London, Glasgow, Leicester and Norwich.

76 East Street,

Platinum Lace Strip Club

The Pussy Cat Club

The Pussy Cat Club is the most exclusive Bunny Girl lap dance club in Brighton and is open every Friday and Saturday from 10pm.

Established in 1998, the club is small and friendly with gorgeous girls and beautiful waitresses to amuse and entertain you. Private lap dances are available from their stunning bunny girls and access to the VIP area is by invitation only.

75 Grand Parade,

The Pussy Cat Club Brighton